Twice each year, we spend eight weeks reading and discussing a part of the Bible in small groups of 6-10 people. This is done through the Immerse Bible Reading program Рa new approach to reading Scripture. More resources for Immerse, including a free family guide and free audio files, are available at Registration for our Immerse groups is Now open for the Fall session. To reserve your spot, visit 

Holy Spirits

At 7:00 PM on the final Wednesday of each month, members of Hopeville Church, as well as members of Bethany First Church, gather at The Victoria Inn in Naugatuck for an evening of food, beer (or your beverage of choice), and conversation. Over the course of two hours, we discuss a total of seven questions with our neighbors, with a different topic each month. Occasionally, we invite a VIP to come and speak to us on a topic of interest to the group. RSVPs are encouraged, but if you forgot, we can always pull up another chair!

Wacky Wednesday

Why is Wacky Wednesday so Wacky? Because it’s on Tuesday! …Yeah, we’re not sure we get it either. But almost every Tuesday, dinner is served in our hall. Sometimes it’s a book club. Sometimes it’s a faith formation opportunity. But no matter what else is going on, food and fellowship are guaranteed.