Welcome to Hopeville Church!

If this is your first time visiting us, we’re excited to meet you, and want to make sure your visit is as enjoyable as possible. No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are always welcome at Hopeville Church.

When you first arrive, you can expect to be greeted at the door with a smile and the morning’s worship folder. Find a seat – we’re saving one for you! – and get comfortable. If you want to walk around and introduce yourself to folks, we will be happy to get to know you. Or, if you’d prefer to observe before you interact, we’ll give you the space you need. And if you’d like to learn about how to get involved beyond Sunday morning, we invite you to fill out a visitor card, or visit the table in the entryway to view our active signup opportunities.



After worship, you are invited to join us for coffee and refreshments. We don’t know what the refreshments will be this week, but we know they’ll be good, and chances are they’ll be nice and sweet. We want to make sure everyone who comes is able to leave not only inspired by our worship, but well-caffeinated and satisfied as well. See you Sunday!

Kids love our lively, relaxed worship service, where they are free to dance, clap, sing at the top of their lungs, or sit quietly and color until it’s time to go downstairs to kids’ church. For our babies and toddlers, a play pen is set up at the back of the room with an adult stationed close to – and often inside of – it. Even in the quiet moments of service, we know some sounds will come from the play area, and that’s just fine with us; we’re pretty sure the sound of children is God’s favorite music.